As a pioneer in the Mexico rave scene back in the 90’s, Tini Tun’s dj career is long and decorated. His skills behind the decks and productions have granted him world wide exposure. Many of us remember Tini as he worked at Satellite records while holding down a 3 year residency at NYC’s Twilo. His hiatus from New York will come to end this Friday with his much anticipated return.

Tini Tun will be working one of NYC’s best sound systems at LOVE this Friday, November 3rd with AlterImage and Out of Analog.

Q & A with Tini Tun – October 29, 2006

You had a residency at Twilo for three years. What are some of the memories you took away from this legendary club in NYC?

The actual fact of being in such an amazing club was for starters aunique experience. The powerful sound system, the creative lighting, the fun atmosphere made it all.

Having been the warm-up Dj for the famous Paul Van Dyk and Sasha & John Digweed, whom had been my biggest influence, was already on the top of my list.

I was flattered when Jimmy Van M thought of me to play in his place when he was unable to.

Your musical history starts back in 1990 with your brother in Mexico; Can you describe the changes you’ve seen in the music scene there and how this has influenced you?

One of the main changes is Technology. Beginning with cd’s replacing vinyl. I love playing with vinyl but for my transport comfort I now travel with more cd’s and less vinyl.

I feel very proud to have started my career in the 90’s. To actually present the variety of styles of electronic music. I’ve played genres like New Beat, Acid House, Rave, Drum & Bass, Techno, House and Progressive-House to mention a few. I experienced all these sounds through my residencies in
cities like London, Zurich, Costa Rica and New York. They all have defined my sound today.

You’ve had numerous productions released and supported
internationally. What are some of the projects or compilations you are working on currently?

I’m working on starting my own Digital label “We Are Here Records” and producing more and more music myself. I’m already choosing the release tracks I want to use. The first one will be my latest track “Inspiration”.

Getting a little more technical, what are some of the mediums you use to produce with?

I work with:

G4 Dual 867MHz Mac
Logic 7
Reason 3.0
Tascam US-428
Yamaha NS-10M Studio speakers
Roland Juno-106
Roland MC-307
Roland TB-303
2 Turntables Technics SL-1200M3D
2 CD players CDJ-MK 3

Did you vote in the Dj Mag top 100 list? If so, can you tell us who you voted for and why you think they deserve to be in the top 100?

No, I didn’t. But if had voted I would have voted for Sasha and John Digweed. I respect their work from the beginning till now and I very much enjoy their music.

Is there a story behind how you arrived at the name ‘Tini Tun’?

I used to be a bit of a comedian when I was a child, the resemblance of the characters got me that nick name.

Where can we catch you spinning in Mexico regularly?

I play around the country week and week out. You can follow my schedule tour on